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VHL Studios NFT Debut at Rare Bloom

One of Cardano’s greatest attributes is its forward thinking, global community. Builders and artists from all corners of the globe are working within the ecosystem to construct a better world. Each community member brings skills of their own and adds them to the melting pot which is Cardano. Victor, from VHL Studios is one such community member.

VHL Studios offers a variety of services from graphic design to video editing, 2D and 3D modeling and animations. They work with both large and small brands.The company is located in Campo Grande Brazil which is a culturally diverse city of 800,000 in the mid western state of Mato Grosso do Sul. This region is famous for its country singers and the quality of its meat cattle. The barbecue is also well known. Even though it's a fairly large city, it has a relaxed, suburban feel.

Campo Grande Compilation by Heitor Carvalho Jorge

Campo Grande at night

By Samad Bakhtiari - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

While the majority of VHL Studios work is non crypto related, Victor has developed a heart for Cardano. Initially, it was just an investment opportunity. Now, after further investigation, Victor views Cardano as “a fundamental technology for the future. A way to ensure free speech, unburden small nations from predatory financial practices, a way to value the individual while not being detrimental to the community. There are just too many benefits. There are still a LOT of flaws. But as with everything in life we must sort them as go we go along”.

Samples of VHL Studios New NFT Collection now on display at Rare Bloom:

Victor has been dabbling with art since he was a child. He showed early artistic promise doing paintings of landscapes and animals, but it was never something that he really enjoyed. He realized early that he was much more attracted to the stories behind the art. Perhaps this was because he grew up in a house full of books and had parents that are writers of fiction and nonfiction. That's why he first focused on becoming a filmmaker to "write" and shoot movies.

Today even in his 3D models and art, he always tries to focus on the story behind the scenes. He draws inspiration from everywhere. His favorite artists come from several places: authors (Charles Dickens, Arthur C Clarke, Ray Bradbury, HP Lovecraft), painters (Caspar David Friedrich, Gustave Doré, Rembrandt, Francis Bacon). Filmmakers (Park Chan-wook, Orson Welles, Paul Thomas Anderson). Just to name a few. There's really not 1 artist or 1 style that captures his imagination.

The blending of fiction and reality story is important in his new limited collection of NFTs, which is being debuted at Rare Bloom. The collection is titled Virtual Athanor. Minting information is available by contacting Victor on twitter @vhlstudio. The collection grew naturally from Victor’s fascination with the alchemy lore of the past juxtaposed with our modern flawed financial system. While historical alchemists struggled to create physical gold, today’s world burns with the hope of a digital gold. The Virtual Athanor collection portrays the alchemist's journey in a dystopian reality. It looks at the struggle to define value in a digital age. These NFTs are limited and will serve as whitelist tokens for future collections.

Although the future is never certain, Victor is committed to the Cardano Community for the long term. He enjoys the diversity and opportunity to learn new skills. He is currently working on Cardano related projects for Cardano Chef Pool, ZEA Merch, Bit Fins and the Cardano Army This new NFT collection is the first from VHL Studios, but certainly not the last. This is a very limited collection and I encourage you to get yours before they are gone.

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