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TrueCrime NFT Game

Are you a fan of true crime shows? Love Law and Order? Looking for a game that is fun to play that doesn’t require a mortgage on your house? True Crime Crypto is minting NFTs and releasing a game that is ready to play on May 20, 2022. That's right. You won't be purchasing NFTs and waiting for a game to be developed. This game will be ready to play (and for you to earn rewards) on the first day of minting. Shane and his team of twelve have been working on this for over a year so they can roll out a premier gaming experience that is fully functional and fun for everyone.

Shane is no stranger to the tech world. As the owner of Studio Rendezvous in Richland, Washington, his company spends endless hours creating brand design and apps for others to enjoy. This experience, in combination with an interest in true crime stories, led to the creation of True Crime Crypto, an immersive experience that consists of six episodes in season one. Each episode tells the story of a true-life crime. The clues are NFTs which are purchased in packs of 8. Each pack contains a random assortment of NFT clues. The game, which is suitable for both desktop and mobile, links to NAMI wallet and displays all of your NFT clues for the open episode. Each episode is time limited and when the time is up it closes forever.

The game interface has been designed lovingly and professionally over the course of the last year. Each episode is centered around a specific crime with professional voice overs and music that are in theme. One of the team members is a professional musician and has leveraged contacts throughout the industry to support the game with original high quality soundtracks. Every episode will have a unique story, art and soundtrack.

This is a game that is designed for a lighthearted and fun to play experience. There is a low barrier of entry at 20 ADA per pack of NFTs. Some packs even have additional items included, like $CRIME token, NFTs or True Crime merchandise. This is the in- game currency that can be won by playing through the storyline with the packs of purchased NFTs. The top players will receive $CRIME rewards. $CRIME is a native Cardano token and can be earned on top of your ADA rewards by delegating to their stake pool JETT1. True Crime Crypto will also have its own internal marketplace where players can buy and sell cards to solve the episode. These NFTs can also be staked to the True Crime stake pool.. At the end of the episode your completed evidence banks can be staked to earn additional $CRIME token.

The goal is for the game to be enjoyable and fun for everyone to play. There will be a limit on how many packs are available per day to each buyer in an effort to have a wide variety of people playing the game. The players (detectives) with the highest scores will be airdropped unique NFTs and $CRIME token bounty from the episode. The top 25 scores in each evidence bank (A,B,C,D) will receive a gold suspect NFT and a percentage of the $CRIME bounty.

I see a lot of NFT projects and I wish each and every one success. I create articles about those that I think are of value to the community. This is a project to watch. The team isn’t promising a game down the road. They are providing a fully functional game on day 1. Their dedication and skill is demonstrated in every aspect of the game - the interface, the music, the NFTs - all of it is top tier. They are in the process of lining up some big name partnerships as well. I'm not one to shill projects, but the quality of the workmanship on this one definitely has my attention. It will be interesting to see how the game progresses over the course of the next year.

By Traveler Jo |

You can find Traveler Jo somewhere close to the sea. She loves Cardano, kayaking and food - not necessarily in that order. She's busy exploring the world, always in the company of her husband, tired dog and indignant felines.

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