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The Shocking and Infinite Possibilities of Cardano

As a writer, I find that my internal visualization of Cardano changes often. I'm always amazed by our ecosystem and fascinated by the way it draws us together but my view of the way those interactions occur varies. Today I'm writing a blog about the way Cardano connects two artists from California and a Renaissance kind of guy from Costa Rica by way of Canada. My view of Cardano today is almost like a spider's web - not a trap but rather a series of silken threads that interconnect people and places that would otherwise never meet. Cardano is technology that allows us to find our common humanity. Although we have different methodologies, we all want to connect - art, writing, even coding all create these silken threads that allow us to transcend language barriers and artificial borders to redefine who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. Come join us in supporting decentralization, humanity and work with us to build a better future.

INFI Pool ***Ticker is Infi****

Noodz and Fractal Fuzion need no introduction if you are active in the Cardano Community because they are, well, everywhere. Groundbreaking NFTs, fun content, Cardano advocacy are all things that I associate with them, in my spider web of Cardano threads. I did not, however, connect them as stake pool operators. So how did that come about anyway? Their journey started, innocently enough, with art and NFTs. Then they took a trip to University of Wyoming for last year's Cardano Summit. This experience gave them the inspiration to spin up their own stake pool. This transition was made easier by the fact that Fractal Fusion’s business partner already has a commercial grade server in a secure location.

These two aren’t the kind of guys that would just spin up a pool and rest on their laurels, however. The pool is all about the infinite possibilities that Cardano offers, after all. They are powering up to support the Alexandria Project which is a vision of what a web three library looks like. A repository of blockchain innovation and knowledge, the Alexandria Project is a small but growing library which is committed to supporting decentralized, free access to knowledge for all people. Of course, this library is hosted on a secure server, so the stacks will never be subject to loss like they were in 48 BCE when Julius Caesar accidentally burned the world's largest library to the ground. What's in there currently? There is a little of everything from Twitter space schedules to Charles Whiteboard videos to groundbreaking art. Like everything else these two build, it feels original and fresh. What comes next? We surely don't know but we will have to tune in to find out!


Shock Pool

Our journey along the spider threads continues to Costa Rica, where we meet Arjuna who is originally from Canada. Nine years ago he visited Costa Rica and became interested in the plight of the monkeys as his partner volunteered at a refuge that cares for orphan babies- a process that can take up to four years. In the beginning the babies are kept in isolation with small amounts of interaction with other monkeys. This increases over time as they grow. Eventually they are moved to a larger refuge where they are released to the wild. As babies the monkeys are cared for by hand, just as their mother would, so it is a very time and labor intensive process.

Arjuna explained that the tree canopy was being torn down in large swaths to accommodate McMansion type houses. This is a real problem for the monkeys who live only in the trees. As a result they climb the power lines. When a monkey hangs by its tail from the ground wire and touches the live wire it basically completes a circuit and the monkey is electrocuted. Sometimes the adult dies and the baby it is carrying lives. These are the babies that the charities care for and where SHOCK pool wants its donations to go. There are three charities. Two that care for the monkeys and one that is working to place rubber sleeves on the power lines to prevent the electrocutions. Currently Arjuna is a Yogi in Costa Rica. He is pursuing a collaboration with Flickto to create a documentary about the monkeys and their plight. As the pool grows large enough to mint blocks on a regular basis Arjuna plans to donate to

Spider web or worldwide web, Cardano is a uniting force from every perspective. It is a unique space that unites people under the common purpose of creating a better future. I invite you to join us on this journey. There is a place for everyone at this global table of opportunity. If you are an artist, developer, writer or just a concerned party please know that what Cardano offers is opportunity for all and an exciting journey filled with comraderie and many adventures.

By Traveler Jo |

You can find Traveler Jo somewhere close to the sea. She loves Cardano, kayaking and food - not necessarily in that order. She's busy exploring the world, always in the company of her husband, tired dog and indignant felines.

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