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Imagine for a moment that you are scrolling through Twitter and you see a post about an unfamiliar stake pool. It sounds interesting, but you need more information than you can get from a tweet. How established is the pool? Who runs it? Is it even legit? What charities do they support? What is their average return to delegators?

You can do some research and find answers to all of your questions, but it's going to take some time and the process may differ from pool to pool. Things aren't standardized and finding the information can be frustrating, even for veterans. It's not unrealistic to think that some ADA remains on exchanges because of a lack of clarity in the delegation process. Fortunately there is a solution- Stakeboard.

Stakeboard is a streamlined platform that will help delegators find stake pools that are a good fit for them. There are multiple searchable metrics - you can search for women owned pools or pools that support Africa for example. It also provides an opportunity for small pools to present themselves without spending a lot of time and money on marketing. All of the pools listed on Stakeboard will be verified, which adds another layer of security and transparency. Delegators will have the ability to message SPOs in order to verify their status and donations.

Another exciting feature of Stakeboard is its notification service, a bot named Alice. Alice will notify members of changes to pools. This means you can rest assured that the pool you delegate to is humming along, with no change in status. No more worrying or constant checking required. These tools will truly move Cardano to the next level.

The Stakepad crew also have two additional projects - Stakepad and Stakestarter, which allow for multiple avenues to fund and launch projects. The truly great thing about all of these projects is the amount of information and access that the community has to their development and implementation. There is a website, a twitter account @stakeboard, an in-depth medium article you can access here, and a lively discord where you can ask questions and contribute suggestions. You can also see the Stakeboard Catalyst proposal here.

By Traveler Jo |

You can find Traveler Jo somewhere close to the sea. She loves Cardano, kayaking and food - not necessarily in that order. She's busy exploring the world, always in the company of her husband, tired dog and indignant felines.

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