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Planting Seeds for a Better Future

Puerto Rico is a land of lovely beaches, warm sunshine and beautiful music. It also has its challenges, however and has experienced some hard times in the last decade - hurricanes, fiscal troubles, and covid related issues have all increased the complexity of life for many residents of the island. The proprietors of SEED pool see decentralized finance as a way to help the lives of their fellow Puerto Ricans. Their goal is to educate their friends and neighbors in regard to the opportunities that Cardano and decentralized finance offer.

They became interested in cryptocurrency in 2012. They had difficulties accessing it, so they began mining BTC in 2015 and Ethereum in 2017. Then they saw the legendary Charles whiteboard video in 2017 and, like so many of us, fell in love with Cardano. They named their pool Seed because they wanted to build a base where they can grow and contribute to the ecosystem in a way that “plants seeds for decentralization for years to come”. They want to bring decentralized finance to those that need it most. They were inspired by the Mustard Seed, a charity organization that cares for disabled and abandoned children in Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

This pool is committed to the ecosystem for the long term. They have 1 million ADA invested in their pool and are building for the future. They have reserved an earth node for World Mobile Token. Also, they are working on an NFT project that will endeavor to provide sustainable local organic food here in Puerto Rico. They have acquired the farm, the NFT art is finished, and the project will launch soon.

One of the great joys of Cardano is the privilege of interacting with creative people from all over the globe who are working to improve their community. Seed pool is on an island that offers luxury for some, challenges for others. Because of their compassion for their community, the proprietors are building in Cardano, educating about the advantages of decentralized finance and literally planting seeds that will feed people on the island. If you want to see real life benefits of crypto currency, look no farther than this dedicated group in Puerto Rico.

By Traveler Jo |

You can find Traveler Jo somewhere close to the sea. She loves Cardano, kayaking and food - not necessarily in that order. She's busy exploring the world, always in the company of her husband, tired dog and indignant felines.

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