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CNFTs for Charity

Imagine, if you will, a world in which no pet was abused, unloved or unwanted. ShelterPets project not only imagines such a world - they are working to make it a reality. The project founders are two graduate students from Oklahoma State University. Although professionally both are scientists, they have much love for pets, having rescue pets as a part of their family. Their artist, Hanz, has created beautiful and original depictions of cats and dogs. The NFTs demonstrate a variety of traits and a cute, almost watercolor feel. 50% of the proceeds from sales will go to pet charities. They have donated over 1700 ADA to since their initial drop in October of last year.

One of their primary charities is Pariah Dog Koh Samui which is a charity in Thailand which cares for unwanted dogs. Shelter Pets is now sponsoring the care and nutrition of four siblings at the shelter.

ShelterPets is not content to stop there, however. They are currently working on a project with Woof stake pool and Hazel stake pool that will help charity organizations accept ADA donations directly without converting them to fiat. Also Shelter pets is working on automated NFT receipts for donation tracking. This would create automatic reporting of donations for tax deduction purposes.

Lastly the Shelter Pets team is working on a project that links an NFT to an NFC chip for a ShelterPets ID. They have a great video here

As you can see ShelterPets is not just an NFT project. They are working on a variety of projects that will add value and utility to all NFTs.


Endangered Ark

Endangered Ark is an NFT project focused on the plight of wild animals that are impacted by habitat destruction. They chose the ark as a symbol because it signifies that there is hope, but also that we are in a time when immediate action is required to help these animals before they disappear from the world forever. The first collection is related to polar bears and proceeds will support the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat. Polar bears are increasingly forced into contact with humans because their native sea ice is increasingly lost due to climate change. This is dangerous for both bears and humans. The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat, in Cochrane, Ontario, is the only facility in the world dedicated purely to the care of polar bears. The bears live in 24 acres of pristine, natural environment - as close to the wild as possible.

The artist for this project is Luisfer Izquierdo, a highly recognized artist from Latin America who has done work for Adidas and Pepsi in the past. His art is lovely, vibrant and uplifting. I encourage you to check him out if you are not familiar with his work. With a stellar team and a long term plan this project is here to provide quality art and improve our world for the long term.

These are two of many CNFT projects that benefit charities. With your help these charities can make a significant impact. They are examples of the Cardano Community making a real difference on a global scale.

By Traveler Jo |

You can find Traveler Jo somewhere close to the sea. She loves Cardano, kayaking and food - not necessarily in that order. She's busy exploring the world, always in the company of her husband, tired dog and indignant felines.

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