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ArgusNFT - Creating tools for the NFT Community

“As society evolves, business models evolve.”

Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr, CEO of Mayflower-Plymouth

The Cardano NFT space is still very new. The rapid growth and enthusiasm of the NFT community has been exciting to watch. This also means that both artists and collectors need more complex tools. With profit potential there comes added incentive for bad actors to counterfeit art or plagiarize NFTs. The current manual validation process causes bottlenecks and delays in getting things to market - particularly for small collections. A much-loved community member, Giovanni (SPO of EASY1), is building a platform that intends to address many of these issues - Argus NFT.

It has become quite apparent that manually reviewing NFT collections by marketplaces is unwieldy, slow and often not effective. Argus is building an AI / Machine learning solution that can quickly and accurately review thousands of images. The AI models determine if the NFT was previously minted and the machine learning model fine tunes it -reviewing image similarity and other data.

A second part of the platform, dubbed Aegis, is an image registration and notification service. This will allow artists and collectors to protect their work or NFT assets without needing to send any artwork itself to Argus' database. In registering their artwork, an encrypted hash representing the art is stored by Aegis. Following this, the submitter will receive a notification if their items are ever minted as NFTs on a blockchain supported by ArgusNFT. This will include timestamps, blockchain of origin and instructions as to how to protect the originality if necessary.

Just to sum up, Argus is a game changing solution that will validate collections for marketplaces and allow artists and collectors to be notified if their beloved collections are stolen. Here’s the exciting bit - This works on any platform! So, if you want to list your art on multiple platforms, no worries! Argus will watch over them all.

The team has several proposals in Catalyst Round 9 for your consideration. Here is a summary of their project funding requests:

Proofspace x Argus - IDs for NFTs

Dapps Products and Integrations Category

This sets up a mechanism for including verified credentials in the NFT metadata. This, if approved, will create a clean straightforward way of determining the originality of an NFT.

On this proposal, ArgusNFT is partnering with Proofspace which is a consolidated organization in the Cardano ecosystem. Proofspace has already completed some work for Catalyst and will implement the Atala Prism standard

Advanced Cardano NFT Search Engine

Dapps Products and Integrations Category

Today the search for a particular NFT is market by market. It's time consuming and inefficient. This proposal will build an actual NFT search engine, which will be similar to a google search, but will be specifically for NFTs. With a few clicks, you will be able to find the desired NFT in multiple marketplaces. As with all of the above, this is a cross chain initiative- multiple blockchains will be included.

Cross Chain Fake NFT Protection

The Great Migration Category

The team has identified a way to use the Ethereum NFT metadata in their AI model. The Cardano NFT market is very small compared to Ethereum. Argus proposes that enhanced tools and robust fraud protection will encourage Ethereum artists to bridge over to Cardano.

Cardano / Ethereum Ecosystems Map

Cross Chain Collaboration Category

This is an initiative to create a map of the Cardano and Ethereum NFT space. This will encourage innovation, promote education and help avoid duplication of efforts.

As you can see the Argus team has ambitious goals. They also have an experienced team of developers, including some familiar names like Giovanni (SPO EASY1), Jaime from Boost pool and C64 wallet, and Kurt (SPO WOOF). Collectively they have decades of experience in project management and IT work. The ever-growing NFT space needs tools that will allow it to grow and mature. ArgusNFT is laser focused on building the best possible tools for the Cardano community. Please consider the above proposals as you cast your votes in Round 9 of Catalyst.

For more information, please check out the following


ArgusNFT – Medium

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