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Our current Mission is two-fold:

- Assist SPO's in growing their pool and community by way of marketing, community outreach, and more.

Read the Cardano Army Blog to learn more.

- End all Cardano scams - on every platform.


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The Cardano Army Blog

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Legacy Corporal | 2021

The first ever series of official Cardano Army Badges. The Legacy Corporal Rank will hold significant value indefinitely.

As both higher and lower ranks are implemented in future NFT rollouts, the Legacy Corporal badge will remain one of the most prestigious in the Cardano Army.

Free T-Shirt Offer

Every "Legacy Corporal | 2021" NFT puchased from the Cardano Army will receive a free Cardano Army t-shirt.


Please note, this offer does not apply to resale transactions from a 3rd party.