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Our current Mission is two-fold:

- Assist SPO's in growing their pool and community by way of marketing, community outreach, and more.

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- End all Cardano scams - on every platform.

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NFT Contest to Benefit Stake Pools

The contest is now finished. Thank you for participating!


Cardano Army is primarily focused on the support of single stake pool operators. This is based on our belief that Cardano’s success depends on their success. We can’t put it any more simply than that. Decentralization is the reason we are here.


We know that times are hard for some of the smaller stake pools at the moment. We wanted to find a way to support those pools and elevate the topic for discussion in the community. Additionally, we wanted to support the fantastic Cardano artistic community. With that in mind we decided to create a contest. Here is how it will work:

Cardano Stake Pools and Artists have until August 14 to determine who will participate and which stake pool they will support.


On August 14 the following will happen:

  • Cardano Army will provide the community with the assigned topic for the art contest

  • Submissions will be open from 8/14 to 8/27

  • The artists will submit their creations on the assigned topic via the Cardano Army website.

  • The artist will designate which stake pool they are supporting.

  • The pool must be under 5 million in staked ADA. No multipools or project pools please. The winner will be determined by the community.

  • On 8/27 submissions will close.

  • Cardano Army will work with Mint Buddy to prepare the art for minting.

  • Mint Buddy has waived all minting fees for this charity contest.

  • On 9/8 - 9/10 the community will vote by minting these NFTs.

  • Each NFT will be listed with the stake pool that they are supporting.

  • The cost will be 15 ADA per NFT.

  • ALL of the proceeds will be returned to the community. Cardano Army keeps nothing.

  • In fact, we feel so strongly about this that, regardless of participation, we are guaranteeing the prizes for the artists.

    • First place 750 ADA

    • Second place 150 ADA

    • Third place 100 ADA

  • Again, all of the revenue from the minting will be donated to the SPOs that receive the most mints: 75 percent to first place, 15 percent to second and 10 percent to third.

We will release more details in the coming weeks. Our primary objective is to support the amazing Cardano community and to renew the discussion about the importance of small stake pools and decentralization. And let's get real, we all need to have a little fun. This market has been hard for everyone. So please join us in this adventure. SPOs - find an artist. Artists - find a quality stake pool under 5 million in staked ADA that you want to support. Get creative. Every pool has an equal chance in this contest. Let's support each other and have some fun!

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